About Us

Kimberly and Scott “Crasher” Braasch, Co-owners of Cheer Tyme All Stars, formed All Spirit Productions, llc. in 2006 when they realized their choreography was going national and their music international.  They created this company to share their creative choreography and music with customers all over the world.  They have employed many outstanding instructors to help them teach the camps and choreography.  They are the originators of creative ideas such as the “hoodie dance”, the stunts with blindfolds, the GK transitional uniform, the “Ball and Chain” stunt, the “Chopper” stunt, the Back Handspring Machine, the Full Around machine, and so much more!  “We surround ourselves with the very best, so that we can bring you the very best too!”

Contact Info

  • Phone    1-888-944-6277
  • Email     AllSpiritBrands@gmail.com


Cheer Music

Custom Cutz Music Editing brings you the latest and most creative trends in the cheerleading and dance industry.  We will create a unique sound that leaves a lasting impression on the judges and the audience!   Follow our Link for more info: Custom Cutz Music

Voice Overs

Our vocalists can sing, rap, or say your favorite mottos, your team names and colors, and bring your routine a competitive flare! 


Our choreography staff is professional, creative, and motivated to give your team the competitive edge!  We have been choreographing teams to countless state and national titles, as well as champions and finalists at the U.S Finals, Summit and the USASF Worlds.  We can create entire routines from top to bottom with music, or we can choreograph sections of your routines at competitive prices.  We will deliver a quality product and work within your budget.

Fundraising Camps

Need to fundraise money for your choreography? We can help! We have a special program that allows you to host a cheer camp at your facility and we do all the work. You just need to promote the camp and provide “cheerleader junior staff” members. This program can earn you free choreography, free music, and rebates! It’s a win-win for both of us! 


All Spirit Productions produces some of the top rated camps across the country. We send a professional staff that is not only outstanding in cheerleading skills, but they are incredible teachers who want to make sure your athletes have the very best camp experience possible. We customize your camps to fit your needs and we send specialists in the areas that you want to work on. 

All Inclusive Camps & Choreography

We will run a two day camp with your team and do the choreography for the team on the third day. This is a very beneficial program that our customers love! Not only do you learn amazing skills for your routine, but also the camp experience allows you to perfect your athletes’ technique and gain a winning edge!