About Us

Scott “Crasher” Braasch has been producing Custom Cheer Music since 1998.  His vast cheer knowledge and creative mind make his Custom Cheer Mixes pop with high quality sound and clarity.  Judges, Owners, Coaches, Athletes & Critics alike enjoy the sound of Custom Cutz Music.





Custom Music for Collegiate, All Star, High School and Rec Teams.  Custom Vocals (Male & Female,) Raps, Cheers, & Team Shout outs.  We will write them, or you can tell us what to say.  Premade Routines & Cheer Remixes. (Crash Cutz)






$500-$850  Custom Cheer Mixes (depending on number of mixes ordered and length of mixes), Studio Time $75 an hour, (1 hour minimum) applies to all edits, $25 for 2 8 counts of Vocals ordered (only sold by 2 8 counts) this includes: (raps – cheers & shout-outs), Premade Routine Mixes $100-$250, Cheer Remixes $10



Legit Mix and Cheer Music Club:

Custom Cutz is an DJ/Music Production company that works with Cheer Gyms and schools of all sizes to create a mix for each team to compete to.  We pride ourselves on giving your brand the best quality sound and creative use of songs requested.  In many instances the songs that are requested in the making of these mixes are licensed.  To make sure the licensed artists receive their fees and monetary payments, Custom Cutz uses www.Legitmix.com to distribute finalized copies to our customers.  To find out more of how Legit mix works, visit their website.

Custom Cutz will also create Premade Routines & Cheer Remixes which we distribute and sell through www.CheerMusicClub.com.  Our goal is to always see that the artist and licensing companies receive their fees for the use of their song.  Cheer Music Club runs all their transactions through Legit Mix. For more information and to purchase premade routines from Custom Cutz Music visit the Cheer Music Club.






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